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We own & operate our own flatbed towing service. The "911" dispatchers can contact us 24 hours a day. Ask for us at the scene or tell the other companies to deliver your vehicle to our lot.





Damage reports (estimates) are generated utilizing our top notch computer estimating system which is updated monthly for accuracy. This process allows us to communicate directly with most insurance companies and parts suppliers. We also have the ability to transmit digital images right to the desk of the party paying for the claim.





Many accidents are minor in nature, however, in many cases the frame or unibody may have suffered damage not visible to the estimator. We have the technology in house to address these issues. Our staff of professional technicians are ASE and I-CAR trained and they understand the importance of the foundation of the vehicle. We will restore the integrity of the base utilizing the procedures and practices outlined by the factory specification. Improper and insufficient repairs could result in poor handling, rapid tire wear (not to mention injury or worse to the occupants) when the vehicle is returned.





We are very proud of the craftsmen who have been a part of our team for many years. When it comes to making your car look good again, your vehicle will receive all the attention necessary by technicians who have the ability to "erase" the evidence of any damage.





We are proud to announce we’ve taken a proactive stand in protecting our environment by converting our facility’s paint department to a low –VOC waterborne basecoat. All shops in Pennsylvania will soon be required to make this change, but we decided to voluntarily become compliant as the first PPG shop in western Pennsylvania to do so.

This Waterborne paint has a much lower level of volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) than traditional automotive coatings. By using this product, we have significantly reduced our environmental footprint and helped to dramatically improve air quality.

This environmentally friendly paint is safer for our staff and the color match is phenomenal.





we offer mechanical & air conditioning repair when the damage is accident related. We pride ourselves on being the leading auto body shop and we generally do not bring mechanical work into our shop if it is not part of a collision.





We offer computerized wheel alignment service with appointments available for both front and four-wheel alignments. Our alignment technician has many years of experience and is regarded to be one of the best around.





This is the newest product available not only at our shop but in the entire area and is truly unbelievable. This treatment forms a chemical bond with the glass which increases water repellency, causing it to bead and easily slide off the glass. YOU MUST TRY IT TO BELIEVE IT! The treatment is applied quickly and will last up to six months before reapplication. The remarkably improved vision is a real safety plus.


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