Wednesday, 28 June 2017

How safe is your family?

How safe is your family? In the state of Pennsylvania, technicians are not required to be licensed to perform frame and unibody or many other types of collision repairs? The decision about who should repair your car is far too important to let someone else decide.

Exercise your right to choose the collision repair facility that you feel comfortable to handle the issue of your family’s safety. Remember, it is illegal for anyone to tell you to where to go. If this happens, stand your ground and let them know you understand the law.

What are Direct Repair Relationships (DRP’s)? These programs you have been hearing about are a type of partnership formed between the insurance company and the body shop. This agreement may have been initiated by either party and after coming to an agreement, each may find a mutual benefit in participation. We have formed a few of these relationships with a couple of carriers that we feel offers a program that benefits everyone involved, most importantly-you, the customer. If your insurance company is not one of our partners—don’t worry. It is still up to you to take your car to the repair facility you wish. We work very well with all the insurance companies in Pennsylvania. The lack of formality simply means we are under no obligation or contract to operate according to their procedures. A representative from the insurance company at fault may wish to send an adjuster to complete their own estimate and this is fine. They should visit you within a couple of days which would not normally cause any type of repair delay. Our work is still fully guaranteed & you can feel confident that there is a shop out there fighting for your rights.


If the insurance company tells you that St. Marys Auto Body isn’t on their list, ask yourself—WHY? Why isn’t the biggest body shop in the entire area on this list? Then call us and ask us—WHY. We think you will be surprised with the answer. Be a smart consumer and let us fight for you!



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